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Speed Reading Courses

Double your reading speed, improve your understanding, and increase your recall, in just 4 hours.

Speed reading is easy. We can teach you how in two ways: an Online Speed Reading Course or Speed Reading Workshops.

Major corporations, including Airbus and Deloitte have attended our workshops while US Government agencies like NASA and the US Army have used The Reader's Edge®.

Over 95% of our customers recommend us, find out why.

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Email Efficiency Training

Are you drowning in emails? Is it wasting your time?

Save hundreds of hours and reduce your costs. High Performance @Email reduces the volume of your emails by at least 20%, releasing over an hour a day of your employee's time.

How much do emails cost your organisation?

Contact us to calculate the cost and the savings you can make by changing your email behaviours (our email balanced scorecard was created with The University of Bath, England.)

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Efficient Business Writing

Take 20% of the words out of your writing. Make your writing relevant, easy to read, clear to understand and effective.

Everyone writes. But if you are in business, you and your staff have to write to keep your brand image, communicate to your customers clearly, keep your cost down, and win business.

Our business writing courses help you and your staff, become better writers. You can complete the course on your PC or book us to run a tailored workshop for organisation. It's your call. Like all our services, we deliver results that are measurable in performance, cost and benefits.

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Online Speed Reading Course

Online Speed Reading

High Efficiency @ Reading is an online speed reading course.

For just £25, you will get the same content as our business workshops via an online course. The course content is the same as the workshop we deliver to participants from top organisations including the UK's MET Office, The Welsh Government and Airbus.

Advanced users can purchase our online course and a full version of The Reader's Edge® Online (worth $79.95) for £50.

As with the workshop, the online speed reading course will give you step-by-step instructions on how to increase your reading speed and you'll use selected exercises from The Reader's Edge - the speed-reading software used by academics and professionals.

Reading matters. Double your reading speed, improve your understanding, and increase your recall, NOW!

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Get instant access for 1 year and buy online for £25.

Online Speed Reading

Speed Reading Workshops

Speed Reading Workshops

Speed reading workshops are designed for corporate clients that want to train a group of employees.

Why choose a workshop over online training?

Your group will get personal coaching during the workshop and the content and examples can be tailored to your business.

In the workshop, we will walk you through everything you need to double your reading speed, including using exercises from The Reader's Edge®, the speed-reading software used by NASA, the US Army and US universities.

Every participant will also receive access to the High Efficiency @ Reading online course for 1 year.

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Speed reading workshops

Email Training

Email Training

A full inbox is not a sign of success. It's a sign that you are out of control. It's costing you, your staff and your business time and money.

Change the way you and your organization create, manage and think about email. Learn how write lean, action oriented, clear, quick to read and effective email.

Our email training course is available online, via in-house workshops or as a package for Learning Management Systems (LMS) and is 100% SCORM compliant.

Use our course and you can increase your email efficiency by at least 20% and free up your staff time by an hour a day.

Buy the online email training course for £30

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Email Training

Business Writing

Business writing

Be an excellent writer and editor.

If you are in business, you have to write. You can't avoid it. You will have to write sales letters, sales emails, staff memo, rules, reminders and more.

Without face-to-face contact, your writing represents you and your company. So, learn everything you need to know to become a good business writer and editor.

We offer business writing workshops, an electronic course and the StyleWriter writing software. We believe that StyleWriter is as close as you can get to a human professional proofreader and editor. It will turn your writing into a clear, concise and readable style. You can also fine-tune it to match your writing purpose and target readers.

Download a free 14-day trial direct from The Plain English Company or Contact us to book a business writing workshop

Business Writing

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