Exceptionally good. (The Welsh Government)

Speed reading

If you’re an organisation looking to train a number of employees, we offer tailored speed reading workshops or a customisable version of our online course.

If you’re an individual looking to improve your skills you can choose an interactive online speed reading course.

Email training

Proven methods to help you change the way you create, manage and think about email, reducing the size of your inbox by up to 20%.

Benefit from significant efficiency savings across the whole organisation.

Available through an online email training course, or tailored email training workshops.

Business writing

Improve communication with customers and colleagues through results-focused writing that is clear and concise.

Save time by learning how to streamline your writing through effective editing.

Delivered through tailored business writing workshops or available as a PC-based course from our partner, Editor Software.

Contact us to arrange a workshop or buy a PC-based course.