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With over ten years experience and thousands of satisfied customers, we provide high quality business efficiency training. We work with a wide range of private and public sector organisations from Airbus and Deloitte to universities and governments. Through collaboration with industry experts and innovative technology, we deliver training that is proven and provides a clear return on investment. We believe effective learning should be engaging and interactive and are proud that over 95% of our customers would recommend us.

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Who we’ve worked with

Welsh Government
University of Bath
Knowledge and Innovation Network
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Associates and Partners

The Literacy Company and The Reader's Edge®

The Literacy Company are the developers of the highly successful The Reader's Edge® software.

The Reader's Edge® software is excellent software to help you practice becoming a fluent reader, particularly if coupled with one of our speed reading courses or workshops.

The Reader's Edge®, teaches you to unlearn the habits of inefficient readers and learn the habits and skills of fluent readers. This knowledge will start you on your journey to improving your productivity and confidence with written material!

The Reader's Edge® self-paced software program is the result of nearly twenty years of research, development and experience of The Literacy company.

David Lewis, Chartered Psychologist

Dr David Lewis is a Chartered Psychologist, best selling international author, award winning broadcaster and successful company executive. We recommend David as he is an outstanding, experienced and highly qualified speaker for conventions, conferences, seminars, meetings or briefings.

David has the skills and knowledge to bridge the diverse worlds of business, broadcasting, academia and practical psychology. He focuses on demonstrating how individuals and organisations can improve their motivation, productivity and communication skills. David developed radical new approaches to understanding and enhancing all aspects of human potential and corporate performance.

His clients include IBM, British Airways, and British Telecom.