Business writing workshop

Business writing workshop

In-house, external or online workshop.
UK, Europe and US
Suitable for all levels
Half day sessions
Course name:
High Efficiency @ Writing

Key benefits:

  • Save valuable time for the reader and writer through clear, concise written communications
  • Reduce the need for clarification and the risk of misunderstanding
  • Get the right outcome whether informing, influencing or persuading
  • Project a professional business image

About the workshop:

  • Delivered by experts who are passionate about their subject
  • Planning and preparation techniques that put the reader at the centre
  • Implementing Plain English rules through language that is simple and direct, but not simplistic
  • Effective editing to ensure clarity and conciseness
  • Avoiding self-inflicted mistakes through rigorous proof-reading
  • Practical exercises to test and reinforce learning
  • Tailored to your business needs by addressing any specific issues and using your documents to ensure relevance

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Half day:
£1200 (1 session)
Full day:
£1500 (2 sessions)
In-house, external venue or online.

All prices exclusive of VAT


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